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The shows are ideal for:

  • Birthdays – perfect as a surprise for someone special at milestone birthdays. Their life story will literally flash before their eyes in the nicest possible way and then be available as a digital photo album of their life that they can view over and over again on their TV or computer.
  • Funerals – create a professional, respectful and lasting memorial of your loved one, for now, and for generations to come. This photo presentation will give those in attendance
    at your loved one’s funeral a real sense of the person’s life story, as well as serving as a lasting memorial that may be viewed at any time in the future. Unlike photo presentations offered by many funeral directors, our photo presentations are created to engage those at your loved one’s funeral in a meaningful way and will serve as a very special keepsake for you to view on your TV or computer later. The quality of each photo is guaranteed to be perfect and the captions for each photo tell the person’s story. Music of your choice is professionally added to the presentation. As the show will be extremely engrossing, the presentation can contain many photos and be a true focal point of the funeral. The video can also be easily copied by you on your computer and given to family and friends as a wonderful remembrance of the person.
  • Sporting Clubs – use your photos and videos to compile a meaningful overview of the season, complete with captions, for viewing on presentation day. Copies may also be made to sell as a fundraiser for the club.
  • Weddings Albums – for your recent wedding, or as a way of digitising and rejuvenating old wedding albums. Anyone who wants a copy can have one now, so there’ll be no need to decide who gets Mum and Dad’s wedding album.
  • Travelogues – a keepsake of the wonderful memories of a trip you’ve taken that won’t bore your friends!
  • Family Histories – use your photos and commentary to build a family history that can be updated at any time in the future, and copied so all family members can have their own version. For now and for future generations.

Our photo presentations keep everyone captivated. Each slide has a caption that gives information about the photo, making it far more interesting to watch than simply seeing photos flashing through, leaving you wondering who was in the photos, or where and when they were taken.

Videos may also be included in your presentation.

Music of your choice is professionally added to the show to give it your own personal touch.

The photo presentation is  saved in video format so that it will play on any media, exactly as it was made, without losing any quality. It is provided to you on a USB stick and/or in DVD format.

Your photo presentation won’t need shattering transitions or photos flying in over other photos as its feature – your photos are the stars and to ensure they engage the viewer’s complete attention, we enhance and frame them, and crop them if necessary, so they shine onscreen.

Our exceptionally high-quality photo scanner rejuvenates photos by re-colourising them and diminishing blemishes as it scans, immediately improving the overall appearance of the photo and your presentation.

Old or damaged photos may be further improved or restored using Photoshop if required.

Please note, if you want a photo presentation without captions, we are happy to do that too.

Other services we offer include:

  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations for business.
  • Photo Scanning. Digitise photos through high-quality photo scanning. This is included in the price when being scanned for a photo presentation, but is also available as a stand-alone service without a presentation.
  • Photoshop Service to repair and enhance photos.
  • Professional Writing and Editing Service for any genre. With a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing, our writer can either write your piece or edit it.

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the service you are seeking.

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